Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday walk

I have to brag for a minute....I covered 120 miles last month in cycling/walking/hiking. My most ever!

I walked this morning, just over 3 miles in under an hour.

There was a big cat and a display of grapefruit and plastic bags. The citrus tree owners wanted me to have a fresh glass of juice with breakfast.


  1. You know, with as fast as you are hiking/walking, it will be great for me to come into camp, 2 hours later and dinner already made. ;)

    Hmm...but that does mean I'll have to be up 2 hours before you, make your breakfast and hit the trail even earlier to meet up for lunch.

  2. You are funny Heather. I will slow down and WAIT for you. All the better to enjoy the scenery. Getting in and out of the canyon is what matters. I am just testing myself to see what my personal best can be on a specific training route.