Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally, help is on the way!

Since I threw out my back nearly a month ago, I've been in varying degrees of pain.  2 doctors, acupuncture and massage therapy were not working.  The drugs only were a band aid and I couldn't take them while at work and function, let alone drive to get there.

So, I went to a chiropractor and I swear, this guy is changing my life.  I can finally walk upright all day long, I'm not crying by the end of the day and I'm off the drugs.  I still have some pain, but he's teaching me how to adjust things so that I get relief.

Most important, he's giving me physical therapy exercises that are straightening my back and core so that this doesn't happen again and addresses the multitude of other issues I've been dealing with over the years.

In addition, he's becoming my trainer.  He is a hard-core cyclist and very fit.  He asked me to bring him a list of my fitness goals today.  In addition to training me for the Grand Canyon hike, he's going to be working on getting me into cycling and back into daily yoga.  I have daily balance and stretching exercises to do in addition to ramping up my hiking and elliptical work. 

After 12+ years of daily, chronic pain that no doctor seemed to either care about or knew what to do, I think I have finally found the person who can help me.  I'm daring to hope again.

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