Friday, December 9, 2011

"We could kick ass together!"

And with that statement, a plan was hatched.

See that picture in my background?  That is as close as I've ever gotten to the Grand Canyon and it was 7 years ago this month.  For far too long, backpacking into the Grand Canyon has been near the top of my life's "to do" list.  I mentioned to one of my best friends, Sarah, in a text message that I wanted to finally hike the Canyon next year. Her response? 

"We could kick ass together!"

Originally, my plan was to hike with my husband, but he is pretty afraid of heights and I'd often wondered if I'd be stuck hiking alone.  But now I wouldn't have to!  We would work together to train all year for our common goal, have an awesome time together and realize a huge dream of mine.

And so this week, the training begins.  The biggest obstacle in my way?  Losing 60 pounds.  Hiking the Canyon will be a breeze compared to that.

Let's do this...